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Simple Ingredients. Delicious Recipes.

Serving Suggestions

These posts will help you pair your favorite main dish or a side dish to make a perfect meal!

Meal Ideas

Dinner can get tedious and frustrating… check out these recipes to help inspire some creativity in the kitchen.

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Appetizer Recipes

Whether it is game day, a family dinner or a party these appetizer recipes are sure to be enjoyed by all.

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Snack Recipes

If you’re looking for a new snack recipe you have come to the right place! These snack recipes are good for anytime whether it is just for one or for a party.

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Baked Goods and Dessert Recipes

Baked Goods and Dessert… what more could you need? Here you will find cookies, brownies, pastries, bread, dough, pies and more!

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Meet Return to the Kitchen

Return to the Kitchen is run by Melissa, includes her husband as the taste tester and her two children who enjoy cooking alongside her. This blog includes a wide variety of recipes with simple ingredients making it easier for families to cook at home together. We hope you find plenty of recipes to try that your family will enjoy. See our About page for more information.

Melissa and her family

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