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60 Non-Vegetable Side Dishes (2022)

Always go to vegetables for your side dishes? Most of us do! Sometimes you just want something different! These 60 NON-Vegetable Side Dishes are must try recipes that the whole family can enjoy. Try some of these new recipes for your next weeknight dinner.

Sweet potatoes, green beans, brussels sprouts, french fries, cauliflower rice… we all know these delicious side dish recipes! Time to try some other delicious side dishes to compliment your main course and favorite vegetables.

60 non vegetable side dishes

60 Non-Vegetable Side Dishes


Beans always make for delicious and protein packed side dishes! Find a delicious variety in this list from baked to refried.

Fruity Side Dishes

Fruit is so often skipped over when thinking of side dishes! Fruit is delicious paired with a variety of grains as well as on it's own. These delicious sides are sure to brighten up your meals.

Grains and Pastas

Looking for the perfect healthy side dish? Consider a variety of grains during the week. Aside from pasta and white rice think about adding quinoa, couscous, buckwheat, wild rice and more. A delicious grain can take the center stage when done right!

Breads and Rolls

These next recipes are tasty ways to add bread or rolls to your meal! Homemade bread doesn't need to be intimidating with these easy homemade recipes. There is nothing quite like the great taste of fresh baked bread.

More Recipes

This section has even more non veggie side dishes to try! These recipes are loaded with savory flavor and can also be used as appetizers.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.