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About Return to the Kitchen

Hello and welcome to our blog! Return to the Kitchen is a place to find delicious recipes using simple ingredients! We love to cook and bake from scratch in our home and those are the kinds of recipes you will find.

Return to the Kitchen is lead by Melissa, has her husband Mike as the taste tester, and features their two children Henry and Stella in the kitchen alongside her.

About Melissa

Melissa has a passion for all things in the kitchen! Her love for baking began in high school while cake decorating with a friend and hasn’t stopped since then. She graduated from Johnson and Wales University with a Bachelors degree in Baking and Pastry Arts in 2008.

Melissa has worked in hotels and cake shops but decided to leave the culinary industry in 2013 when her son was born. Even though she left that career the love for the kitchen has never left her.

Melissa bakes and cooks with her children multiple times a week and loves to watch her kids enjoy it as well.

What is Return to the Kitchen about?

In this blog you will find healthy recipes and not so healthy recipes, however, the goal along the way is to always be making delicious recipes with simple ingredients. There will also be lots of tips on how to bring your children into the kitchen with you. Cooking is an art that should not be lost on our future generations.

While you will find some recipes labeled “vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, no added sugar, etc” we do not follow any specific diet for this blog. We cook what we enjoy and use as many simple ingredients as we can.

We hope through our simple and easy to follow recipes we can inspire people to cook more at home with their families!

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