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40+ Delicious Camping Recipes to Make for Lunch

There is nothing better than a good meal while camping aside from the fresh air, open fire and quality time with family and friends! These easy and quick meal ideas for camping are sure to help plan lunches for your next trip to the great outdoors. These easy lunch ideas can either be prepped ahead of time and packed in cooler or made on a grill or in a skillet

camping lunch recipes

More simple camping lunch ideas that don’t need a recipe:

  • Hot dogs with the toppings: relish, mustard, ketchup, etc. 
  • Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches 
  • Grilled cheese 
  • Deli meat and rolls for sandwiches 
camping lunch recipes

Must pack snacks for camping trips:

  • granola bars
  • trail mix 
  • beef jerky 
  • chips
  • popcorn
  • s’mores

40+ Easy Recipes for Camping Lunches

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