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These 40+ Main Dishes are the perfect match for a savory bowl of French onion soup! Whether for a family dinner, dinner party or date night french onion soup is a great side dish to pair with one of these main dishes for a full meal. Add a bottle of wine and green salad if desired. 

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Wondering what to do with the ground turkey you just bought at the store and aren’t planning on cooking it for the next day or two? Freeze it! Freezing ground meats is a great way to extend the shelf life. With a couple of tips you can safely store and then defrost them when you are ready to use them. Ground turkey is a great lean meat to have on hand for quick and easy meals. 

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Whether you are making homemade fried rice or have leftover rice from a chinese restaurant these 65+ delicious recipes will make for the perfect main dish. From chicken teriyaki to tofu and salmon to pork ribs this list has a ton of main dish recipes you can choose to make a complete meal. 

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