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Beginner’s Guide to a Christmas Cookie Exchange

Melissa Samartino

This list of the 20 Best Christmas Cookie Exchange Recipes includes all of our favorite cookie recipes! Hosting or attending a cookie exchange is so much fun to do during the christmas season. While people generally lean towards gingerbread cookies, candy canes and linzer cookies this list of 20 recipes brings you easy recipes that are sure to be a hit among your friends!

Decide how many cookies people will make


For example, you have 10 friends participating in the cookie exchange have them each make 10 dozen of their cookie.

Decide how people will bring their cookies


A great way to do this is to have people pre package their cookies in 1 dozen bags

Give friends an easy way to bring home their cookies


Cookie platters or tins are perfect for this!

Share the recipes!


Have everyone email their recipe before the swap and send them out to everyone to have!

Have fun!


Cookies for a swap don't need to be perfect! Make your favorites and have a great time

Don't worry about making traditional cookies


Make your favorite cookies or choose an easy one from this list of delicious holiday cookies!