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What to Serve with Chicken Pot Pie | 50+ Delicious Side Dishes

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Chicken Pot Pie is one of the most perfect comfort foods. While it can absolutely be served on its own as a complete meal go ahead and grab a couple of side dish items to add to your main dish.

This list of simple side dish ideas includes salads, soups, roasted vegetables, grains and more! Next time you make chicken pot pie grab a couple of these recipes that will make a great addition to your main course.

what to serve with chicken pot pie with a picture of homemade chicken pot pie

Chicken Pot Pie Tips and Tricks

Our favorite chicken pot pie recipe

Homemade Chicken Pot Pie with flaky crust loaded with chicken breast, vegetables and savory gravy is a delicious meal the whole family will love. The best part about our chicken pot pie recipe is that makes 3 pies at a time… one to cook right away and two to put into your freezer for later!

Be sure to wrap the ones for the freezer really well in plastic wrap so they won’t get freezer burn while they wait for you to bake them. These can also be made in metal pie plates or your own glass or ceramic ones.

Use homemade or store bought pie crust

Any home cook can tackle this recipe we created. Use homemade pie crust or get store bought crust depending on your preferences or time constraints. One of our favorite go to’s for flaky pie crust is the pillsbury brand that you can get in the refrigerated section of the grocery store.

Use rotisserie chicken for convenience

Another trick to make a faster chicken pot pie is to use pre-cooked rotisserie chicken from the grocery store or leftover cooked chicken you may have on hand.

Best Side Dishes for Chicken Pot Pie

Chicken Pot Pie deserves a side dish or two! Check out these recipes that make for a perfect pairing and complete meal.

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More Meal Ideas to Try

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